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Lifesaving sport was primarily intended to encourage lifesavers to develop, maintain and improve the essential physical and mental skills needed to save lives in the aquatic environment.


Lifesaving competitions consist of a variety of events such as Obstacles Swim, Manikin Carry, Manikin Tow, Super Lifesaver, Manikin Relay, Medley Relay and Obstacle Relay to further develop and demonstrate lifesaving skills, fitness and motivation.

High Performance

High Performance program is designed to help aspiring surf lifesaving athletes reach their sporting career goals, represent and bring glory to the nation in major LifeSaving Sports events which showcases the skills and physical abilities required to save a life.

Supported by the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC), a Singaporean team is selected to contest in the biennial World Lifesaving Championships and other national team competitions.

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High Performance Team

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