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SLSS is an unique organisation that takes up different roles in the society. We are a Charity Organisation, an Institution of Public Character, a member of the National Council of Social Service and a National Sports Association (NSA) under Sports Singapore.

Our role encompasses providing guidelines and policies for drowning prevention, educating public with water safety knowledge, train and certify individuals with lifesaving skills and promoting lifesaving sport.

Drowning Prevention

These shocking statistics, from the World Health Organisation’s 2014 Global Report on Drowning, show the scale of the problem throughout the world – especially in poorer countries where people are in daily contact with water for work, transport and agriculture.


Prevention is essential, as when someone starts to drown, the outcome is often fatal. Survival usually depends on the speed of removal from the water and how quickly proper resuscitation can take place. So embedding basic swimming and lifesaving education, skills and leadership can make a real difference to communities around the world.


Life Saving Sport


Lifesaving Sport is not only a highly competitive and dynamic international sport, but also a vehicle for engaging young people in lifesaving and our humanitarian goal to prevent drowning.  Lifesaving sport is used at the grassroots to keep lifesavers and lifeguards fit and to keep practising their skills and provides the opportunity to improve on techniques. 


Originally developed to improve the physical and mental agility of lifeguards, lifesaving sport has grown into an international competitive swimming discipline that tests fitness, rescue and first aid skills.

Courses & Certifications

Because of our unqiue identity of being the nation's water safety arm, a National Sport Association and also a professional skills certification, we provide courses for all these 3 sectors. 

We conduct basic lifesaver I, II, III, Bronze Medallion, Coaches ... 

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