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Supporting the 2022 World Heart Day, SLSS aims to spread the importance of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) knowledge to individuals, creating an environment that at least one in every household is able to provide CPR when the need arises. 

Help us by donating to SLSS CPR Challenge to help underpriviledged families go through courses that equiped them with basic CPR and Lifesaving Skills!


When the heart stops, blood stops flowing through the body. Unless the flow is restarted quickly, other organs will start to fail.


When to perform CPR?

The 2 following criteria must be fulfilled before we can provide CPR to the victim. 

1. The victim is unconscious

2. No breathing is present

The acronym DRSABC can be use to remind ourselves what to do in the event where we see an unconscious victim.

D - Check for Danger

R - Check for Response from the victim

S - Shout for help to call ambulance

A - Get AED

B - Check for Breathing

C - Start Chest Compression

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How to perform CPR?

There are 7 steps to performing CPR. Some misfortunate things might happen during the chest compression (i.e. breaking of rib bone), stay calm and continue with chest compression.

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