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The Rescue Commission seeks to enhance the quality of lifesaving and drowning prevention activities throughout the world through identification of best practice, development of recommended minimum standards, promoting and encouraging adherence to these standards, and dissemination of lifesaving information in the areas of public education, medical care, rescue, and lifesaver education.


Rescue Commission Sub-Committee

The Commission’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, rescue, operation and training, education, water safety, disaster prevention, risk assessment, certification, medical and research. The Commission supports the Board of Directors in the facilitation of relationships with organisations collaborating in areas within its area of responsibility. The Rescue Commission will work with the following Committees:

Rescue Operations Committee

Update of the ILS Lifesaving Position Statements – Ensure that all promoted ILS Rescue Operation and Lifesaving standards are evidence based – Update of Drowning Prevention Strategies document with most current information.

Education Committee

Update of ILS Educational Standards – Stimulate global use of the ILS Certification system – Assist lifesaving organisations in developing nations to implement ILS lifesaving certification programmes.


Medical Committee

Update of the ILS Medical Position Statements - Publishing of ILS medical position topics in recognised medical journals – Implementation of the Dr Ian Mackie Fellowship programme