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Preventing Drowning

Practical guidance for the provision of day-care, basic swimming and water safety skills, and safe resuscitation training.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Global report on drowning: preventing a leading killing, published in 2014, highlighted drowning as a serious public health threat. WHO now provides practical guidance for three of the the report's 10 evidence-based actions to prevent drowning (all of which are feasible in low, middle and high income countries) and sets out how to implement these recommended interventions safely and effectively.

This is in line with what we at SLSS is trying to advocate, being proactive in the water safety.

The 3 interventions are:

  1. Teach basic swimming and water safety skills to school-age children aged 6 years and older

  2. Provide community-based, supervised child-care for pre-school children to reduce drowning risk

  3. Train bystanders in safe rescue and resuscitation.

Find out more here

We at SLSS supports these interventions and will be looking forward to have it roll out in time to come.


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