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ILS Speaks in Russia-Ukraine Situation

28th February 2022, International Life Saving Federation (ILS) issues a statement on the current Russia-Ukraine situation.

The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) strongly deplores and condemns the invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. The Russian Lifesaving Society (VOSVOD), which is a humanitarian and sport federation willing to help people rather than the opposite, also deeply deplores what is happening, beyond their will and desire.

As long as the invasion is not resolved peacefully:

  1. The ILS and the VOSVOD agree to temporarily put on hold their relationship.

  2. The VOSVOD will not participate in any ILS Event (be it meetings, conferences or championships) .

The ILS and VOSVOD agree that the VOSVOD will resume their normal relationship and participate in all ILS activities without any recourse, immediately after the current situation has been resolved.

Information can be found here.


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