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Sport Commission oversees all aspects of lifesaving sport and coordinates activities among the committees within the Sport Commission to ensure cohesion of thought and effort so that the goals and success measures set out in the SLSS Strategic Plan are achieved. The Sport Commission also liaises with SPORTSG to promote the sport of life saving and manages the High Performance Team to represent the nation in International Lifesaving Competitions.

Sports Commission Committee

HR_SIM LYE HOCK_20220225.jpeg

Sim Lye Hock



Pui Kang Rui

Vice Chairman


Jin Zhuang



Low Wang Chang


Sport Commission Sub-Committee

Lifesaving Sport Regulations Committee

The Committee shall be responsible for all technical rules - the drafting thereof, the revision and research. It shall work together with the Event Management Committee on Championships Handbooks. The regulations should be available as public documents, be clearly drafted and identify the process for amendment

Lifesaving Sport Equipment Committee

The Committee shall define rules of equipment, setting specifications, develop a scrutinising system, and develop an accreditation system to allow private manufacturer and companies to produce approved and patented lifesaving sport equipment. It shall also research and develop new lifesaving sport equipment.


Lifesaving Sport Education Commitee

The Committee shall develop education streams and develop educational criteria and appropriate manuals for Technical Officials, Coaches/Trainers, Team Managers and other competition officials etc. through training and modern technology including e-learning.

Future of Lifesaving Sport Committee

The Committee shall conduct research on the format of lifesaving sport, events, qualification for World Lifesaving Championships, World Games, Multi-Sport Games and other lifesaving competitions, research new events and format of these events and look at innovative events and format of these.

Lifesaving Sport Development Committee

The Committee shall develop and expand the sport of lifesaving in emerging nations and nations that have not yet developed the sport of lifesaving. It shall develop and promote lifesaving sport at all levels in nations and develop new events, techniques, officiating and officiating equipment. It shall also monitor the development of Technical Officials – positions held at LWC, level gained and attendance at LWC.


Lifesaving Sport for All Committee

The Committee shall encourage and support the efforts and developments disseminating the health and social benefits to be gained by all members of society through regular practice of lifesaving sport and develop the inclusion of minority groups into lifesaving sport – such as disability, diversity, trans-gender and developing nations.


Lifesaving Sport Administration Committee

The Committee shall set up a system to stimulate people to become lifesaving sport administrators, registration specialists, result handling specialists, software specialists, etc. It shall collect and develop the fields of lifesaving sport research, organise sport symposia and lifesaving sport research conferences, create databases of all functions detailed above and oversee the Anti-Doping and World Records.


Multi-Sport Games Committee

The Committee shall Advocate the lifesaving sport for inclusion into the various multi-sport games and monitor.

Sport Liaison Committee

The Committee shall Develop, monitor and maintain liaison between the various interest groups in lifesaving sport – such as Referees, Athletes, Coaches and Team Managers though regular updates of the Sport Commission’s work through social media, bulletins, circulars and other means. Establish contact and liaise with the Regional Sport Commissions. The committee will also liaise with other Commission of ILS to monitor their work that possibly could impact on sport.

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